Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Tuesday!

     What a busy but productive Tuesday!  Some of you may remember the online program called Ten Marks from last year.  Well, I was all set to hand out the log in instructions when another teacher came across a site called adaptedmind.com.  The site is very similar to Ten Marks.  The students will have the opportunity during math, for one of their rotations, to practice math skills that the program has chosen for them based on a pre-test.  They can also work on the program AT HOME! While they are practicing skills, the program lets them know immediately if they have gotten the question corect.  If the student does not answer it correctly, the program will show them how to solve it correctly and even show them a Khan Academy tutorial!
     So the great news is that I took the students into the computer lab to complete the pre-test.  Most of them were even able to continue practicing and earn badges based on the amount of correct answers.  Each student will bring home a letter explaining the log in process.  Once you have seen it, please sign it and return it to school.  Once I have seen it I will send it back home.

     The students will also be coming home with several papers today.  One is the Federal Impact Aid Form.  Please, please, please (if you can) RETURN IT TOMORROW. The students will receive school as well as classroom incentives for returning it asap!
     Lastly, the students earned their first popcorn party of the year!  We will have popcorn for our morning snack on Thursday.

Have a great night!
Mrs. Watson

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